MWLBE Utilization Plan

All contractors who receive notice that they are the low bidder on a CIP or Line project are required to submit the projects MWLBE Utilization Plan 10 day after receipt of that notice.  The utilization plan will identify the subcontractors a prime contractor is considering to use on that project and how the prime will achieve the SCA’s goal of 30% MWLBE utilization for project subcontracts.

The utilization plan is submitted through the SCA’s Vendor Access System and is reviewed by staff in the Business Development Division. If the submitted plan achieves 30% MWLBE subcontractor participation it will be accepted and the prime contractor will receive an email acknowledging acceptance. If it does not achieve 30% MWLBE participation the plan will be rejected and sent back to the prime for additional work so it can be resubmitted.