Furniture and Equipment Department (F&E) provides loose furniture and equipment for any project that has a furniture and equipment component typically listed as OWNER PROVIDED on the construction documents.

F&E utilizes SCA, DOE, NYC, NYS and /or other local government agency (when permitted) contracts to provide the commodities required for any given project (i.e., new building, science labs, library renovation, etc.).

F&E also manages the systems integrators who ensure any new data cabling and networking equipment provided is in compliance with the current SCA design standards.

Examples of products provided through F&E is as follows:

  • Classroom Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Cafeteria Furniture
  • Library Furniture
  • Science Room Furniture (no fixed casework)
  • Art Room Furniture
  • Music Room Furniture
  • Technology (Interactive whiteboards, computers, printers, etc.)
  • Audio/Visual Products
  • Mobile Science Carts
  • Musical Instruments
  • Building Maintenance Equipment

Doing Business with F&E

If your firm is a furniture dealership, please ensure that you are an authorized dealer of the manufacturers and product lines that you represent. These manufacturers and products must also be listed on current New York State Office of General Services, NYC or DOE contracts. While your firm's status as a pre-qualified vendor with the SCA means that you can do business with the Authority, it is important to note that the manufacturers and products represented by you are subject to the additional requirements described in this paragraph.

Interested in becoming a network systems integrator? The SCA selects systems integrators through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process. If you would like to have your firm added to the bidders list for future RFP's, please email your company information, including address and phone number, to the e-mail address below.

To submit product information or to seek further clarification about doing business with F&E, please e-mail Nicole Bertrand, Director, F&E/Purchasing.