The Labor Law Compliance Division (LLC) is responsible for reviewing contractors’ compliance with Article 8 of the New York State Labor Law, which requires that contractors who perform work for the SCA pay individuals no less than the prevailing wage and benefit rate as promulgated by the New York City Comptroller and/or those negotiated in the SCA’s Project Labor Agreement (PLA). As part of LLC’s enforcement efforts, Division staff perform audits and investigations to verify that contractors are paying workers correctly.  When contractors pervasively disregard Article 8, or intentionally underpay their workers, LLC works closely with the SCA Office of the Inspector to hold the contractor accountable. The LLC also maintains relationships with NYC’s construction trade unions, and advises other SCA departments about the terms and conditions of the SCA PLA.
The Legal Department, under the General Counsel, provides legal services to Human Resources, Architecture & Engineering, Construction Management, and other departments and stakeholders in furtherance of the SCA’s mission. The Department consists of three divisions: Real Estate Services, General Legal Services, and Labor Law Compliance.
The Real Estate Services Division (RES) is principally responsible for the identification, evaluation, and acquisition or leasing of properties in support of the Department of Education’s Capacity Program as set forth in the SCA’s Five-Year Capital Plan. RES also works with External Affairs to manage public review, State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), complicated State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) submittals, and zoning override processes for new sites.  RES also engages with City stakeholders and developers on rezoning and general land use actions.  RES’s landlord-tenant liaisons facilitate communication and resolution of issues among the SCA, DOE’s Division of School Facilities (DSF), and landlords regarding issues related to construction or occupancy in our leased portfolio.

General Legal Services (GLS) advises the Board of Trustees, officers and employees of the SCA regarding legal issues affecting the SCA, its mission, and its projects.  GLS monitors and opines on proposed legislation affecting the SCA and is responsible for promoting compliance with the SCA’s statutory and legislative mandates.

GLS also manages defense and affirmative litigation for the SCA and mediates construction claims and disputes; enforces construction contract terms and conditions through cure meetings, default hearings and termination proceedings; and tracks and monitors public improvement liens. 
Through the Office of the Corporate Secretary, the group coordinates Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests, claims, and service of process. GLS also drafts contracts, memoranda of understanding, and other legal documents, and provides guidance regarding employees’ obligations under NYC’s conflicts of interest laws. All FOIL requests should be directed to the SCA corporate secretary at